Dear SU Families,

  1. I hope you are enjoying our first snow storm.  I know our students are loving it.  We will now have a solid base for our playground and we can start sliding down the hills.  Please make sure they bring in their snow gear on Monday.

  2. I really appreciate the work our entire school community has demonstrated this past week.  It was a challenging week, but our students and staff rose to the occasion.  Our students continued to give it their best efforts and did not miss a beat after returning from vacation.  In addition, our staff delivered their instruction in a consistent manner that allowed our students to strive in their learning.  I also need to applaud our guest teachers and staff this week, they were great.  Our goal during this difficult time is to remain flexible and positive.  Our students’ feed off positivity and working together as a cohesive team will allow us to continue to excel during this unprecedented time.

  3. I know the Superintendent shared the latest Covid19 data with you a couple of days ago.  As a district, we will continue to share this information with you as soon as it is available.  If any time you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our nurse or me.

  4. GDEF Teaching Stars are the perfect way to recognize a Teacher, Administrator, or Other Staff/Community Member for their hard work and the impact they’ve had on your child. They say Thank You while helping to enrich the schools in the form of a donation to GDEF.

  5. Our next half-day is Friday, January 14th.  All students will be dismissed at 12:15.