family memo

Good evening GDRMS Families,  I hope you enjoyed your weekend. 

Covid Update, Since Wednesday at noon we had 5 positive cases in the North building and 3 in the south building.  

With the cases that we had this week I had a few families ask me about signing their children up for the pool testing.  I went back into old family memos and found this link.  I think it would also be a good idea to reach out to your student’s building nurse.  Grade 5&6 Nurse Gray, and grades 7&8 Nurse Fleming,  If you have not already signed your child up for the weekly safety checks, pool testing, the link is below.  

New Topics to be aware of:

  • Project Mitten:  Project Mitten is a school wide fundraiser that donates all of its proceeds directly to the Groton Community Children’s Fund. Keep in mind that this project helps only those in Groton and Dunstable! During the month of December, each grade level will have their own fundraiser to kick off Project Mitten.  This is a link to the program - Project Mitten

  • The book fair is slated to begin next week and run from the 13th to the 16th.  The PTO is still looking for parents to volunteer for a few slots that still remain.  If you have the time and are able to support us please see the link here for more information.!/showSignUp/4090e48afab22a6fe3-2021

Important reminders: 

  • Parents with winter coming please remind your children that they need to have sneakers for PE.  Boots, Uggs, etc are not allowed on the gym floors.  Thank you

  • GDRMS Yearbook '22 will have its first meeting on Tuesday, December 7. We'll meet every Tuesday afternoon in the North Library. Students from any grade can come and contribute to making this Yearbook an awesome publication! Parent permission forms are available in both offices, libraries, or you can see Mrs. Keras or Mrs. O'Neill.

  • We have done two shelter in place drills one in each building because we did have individuals taken out in an ambulance.  Our next step is to run ALiCE drills.  We will be starting these drills this week..

  • Sarah Rudner is the SEPAC liaison for the middle school.  If you have any questions or need any assistance with Special Education or related services I can connect you.

  • Please ask your children to check in the lost and found in their school buildings. We have a lot of lunch boxes, water bottles, and sweatshirts.

  • There is a Cub Scout 23rd holiday tree and wreath fundraiser.  They will also have Hanukkah wreaths. The flyer is attached.  Cub Scout fund raiser

  • Cell phones, The current rule is Off and Away.  Parents and Guardians please help us with this.  If you call the school we will get your student the message.  If your student calls or texts you ask them where they are.  They should only be calling you from an office phone.  This is very important.  We may need to change our cell phone policy in the very near future. Data is showing that students are using their phones in the bathrooms, they are getting texts and texting home when they are sick rather than going to the nurses office and they seem to be becoming a distraction in school.  

  • For all 8th grade parents - On November 5, a representative from Nashoba Valley Technical High School was at our school to speak with all 8th grade students.  For families who are interested in learning more about Nashoba Tech, you are invited to attend their open house.  Registration is required to attend.  For more information about 8th grade transitions, please refer to the GDRMS counseling department website.

  • GDEF, Groton Dunstable Educational Foundation, would like you to sign up for their  mailing list?  The link is   They  are about to launch their Annual Giving Campaign, and want to ensure we reach as many families as possible.

HOLIDAYS ARE FAST APPROACHING!  The Commissioners of Trust Funds would like to remind families with school aged children who are experiencing financial difficulties, the Community Children’s Fund can help with food, gifts, winter clothing, etc.  If you would like to experience the joy of giving during the holiday season, the Community Children’s Fund offers several different gift giving options.  To participate in either of these holiday traditions, either giving or receiving, please contact Karen Tuomi at 978-877-6787 or email  Confidentiality is strictly maintained. 

Sincerely, your Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School Principal Ms. Wendy Salvatore