The picture here is a small sample of the Community conversations I had with our 7th and 8th grade students regarding the  Anti-Semitic and Racist graffiti we had last week.   My question to our students was; What do you think Community should look, feel and sound like?  I got all of the answers I would be looking for. 

Two tangibles from these meetings will be reading a post-it everyday during our morning announcements to remind our students about what Community should look, feel and sound like.  We will also laminate these papers and create posters for our hallways.  This way our students will see and hear their words in our buildings.  They will be reminded that their words matter.  What they write and what they say matters.  Power of our Words… just like what we are doing with our staff  this year.  Mr. Fleming and myself will be discussing how we will continue the work around community with our 5th and 6th grade students.

Ms. Russo and Officer Breslin were alerted to one more Anti-Semitic symbol at the end of this past week.  This symbol looked like it could have been old.  Nevertheless, we documented it and sanded it off the wall.  Ms. Russo and Officer Breslin met with this student and his parents on Friday.  Myself, the APs, and the counselors are keeping data on any information we receive from the meetings.  

Important Topics for your to Know

  • We have no school on Tuesday October 12th.  District Professional Development.
  • The handbooks have been uploaded to our new website.
  • All of our COVID pools last week were negative.  If you have not already signed your child up for the weekly safety checks, pool testing, the link is below.  
  • One of our Technology Teachers Ms. Kaplan has a blog. The link is here.  Here is the latest blog this is where you will see some of the work that your 5th and 6th grade students have done with their  FAB Constitution, Abstraction and Algorithms.
  • Did you know that our Library Specialist Ms. Hourani has a website?
  • We had our first PTO meeting this week.  If you would like to volunteer with our PTO team please send me an email and I will connect you with the team.  

Sincerely, your GDRMS Principal Ms. Salvatore