Middle School Pinwheels

Good evening Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School Families.  We are coming into our 4th week of the school year.  We are setting goals, creating supportive learning environments, and building positive behavioral systems.  Some of this work is being done with the help of the book, The Power of Our Words, written by Paula Denton.  Our teachers spent some time beginning this work on Wednesday during our afternoon meeting.  You will hear more about The Power of Our Words over the course of this school year.  

The enclosed picture is from our front grass.  Students created pinwheels in Art last week and displayed them on our school grounds to support International Day of Peace.

Important Topics for your to Know

  • TikTok, Devious Lick- thank you all for your partnership with this topic. We haven't seen any instances in our building this week. 

  • Open House was a success, Thank you.

  • I have received some emails about Schoolbrains and wanting to see what your children are working on or owe.   Teachers are encouraged to post every two weeks. 

  • The Middle School does Shout Outs.  This is something that we do both internally and externally with your help.  If you wish to give a Shout Out to a teacher or a team for their work with your child please email me.

  • COVID update: We had two positive cases that we were notified of this week.  Both our families and staff are following the close contact guidelines and working in partnership with us to make sure that all of our students, families and staff are safe and healthy. 

  • Families I ask that you partner with us with regards to wearing masks.  We have quite a few students who are repeatedly not wearing masks the correct way.  We are asking that students wear masks covering both their nose and their mouth.  If you could give your children this friendly reminder that would be helpful. Thank you

Sincerely, Wendy Salvatore your GDRMS Principal