The Class of 2022 will be holding an online fundraiser from today, 10/28 - 11/18 through Meadow Farms Fundraising. They have a variety of items including kitchen/storage, home decor, candles, holiday gifts, and more! The best part of this fundraiser is that it is all virtual! Anyone who wants to order can do this online and all items will be shipped directly to them! There are two ways to order:

1. Reach out to a member of the Class of 2022 for their individual page.
2. Use this link, which takes you to the Class page and allows you to order from the group page instead of the individual seller's page. 

Both options will give the Class of 2022 the same amount of money. Questions can be directed to the class of 2022 advisors, Ms. Lovely ( and Ms. Pratt ( Thank you in advance for your support!