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Dear Parents and Guardians,

Your teenager will be taking the Reading Plus screening assessment in two parts on Monday, September 27, and Tuesday, September 28. 

For Part 1, they will share their attitude and beliefs about reading AND take an assessment to determine their current vocabulary level. For Part 2, they will read and answer comprehension questions as the platform calculates their reading efficiency (a combination of accuracy and reading rate). 

The purpose of the Reading Plus assessment to get a baseline of where they are as readers and to see if any students, previously not identified as struggling readers, need support. We will repeat the assessment at the middle and end of the school year to track growth.

The assessment must be taken on a laptop (so that they can see all components on the screen at once) and with earbuds or headphones (so that they can listen to the self-paced instructions). Therefore, we are asking you to encourage and remind your child to bring their earbuds or headphones to school on Monday and Tuesday. If your child has their own laptop, they should bring that, and, if they don't have their own laptop, or if they forget theirs, we will provide them with a school Chromebook. Here is a link to a 2m 30s video that gives an overview of the assessment.

It is important that you encourage them to take this assessment seriously and to put forth their best effort so we can get an accurate picture of where they are as readers at this point in their educational journey.