Dear Florence Roche Families,

It definitely felt like winter this week.  The frigid temperatures kept us indoors at the beginning of the week, but students were able to get out and enjoy the snow eventually.  Remember that students will be going outdoors for recess as long as the temperature with any windchill factor is above 20℉.  Your student will need a hat and gloves/mittens and a warm coat to be comfortable.  Boots and snow pants are necessary for playing in any deep snow that would result in wet feet or wet pants.  Please support us by making sure your student is prepared to play outdoors when they are getting dressed and  leaving the house in the morning.

Is your student missing a hat, coat, sweatshirt or any other possible item of clothing?  If so, it may be taking up residence in our “lost and found” collection.  You are welcome to stop by after school to look through the many clothing items that have been left behind to hopefully recover that missing item.  The “lost and found” is located just outside of the cafeteria.

Our 4th grade students had a writing experience with a poet this week.  Andrew Green was here to share his craft of writing poetry.  Mr. Green worked with each of our 4th grade classes modeling how he gets inspired by simply paying attention to what's happening around him.  Students were then inspired to create their own poems.  Thank you to the Groton Commissioners of Trusts for funding this enrichment experience.

Enjoy the long weekend!