Dear Florence Roche Families,

The excitement is growing around the school for our new building project.  Even though we are still a few years away from moving into the new school building, there is evidence of progress.  Just this week we had some equipment on the back field exploring the soil composition for the engineering of the footings and foundation.  Staff members have recently been involved in planning discussions about the outdoor play and learning spaces.  Next up for us will be a meeting with classroom teachers and the architects to talk about what our classroom space needs to include in order to be the best learning environment for students.  This is all very exciting for our school community!

We are pleased to let you know that FloRo's physical education teacher, Kristen Kinneen, has started a monthly newsletter titled The Wellness Word.  Each month, Ms. Kinneen will share quick, relevant tips and information regarding the healthy development of the whole child.  Here is her first issue!

The Wellness Word:  

Supporting Healthy, Happy Learners In and Out of School

Quick, easy-reads focusing on the healthy development of the whole child 

from Physical Education teacher Kristen Kinneen.

November 2021:  Is Your Child Drinking Enough Water at School?

As we head into the colder winter months, remembering to drink plenty of water at school is still critical to preventing mild dehydration.  Often the symptoms of dehydration in children (and adults) can look like a lot of other things including grumpiness, headaches or a short attention span. Check out this link to read more about the importance of drinking water and suggestions for ways to increase your child’s fluid intake at school to help set them up for success! 

As a reminder, today is the deadline for ordering your student’s Square One art work.  Each student completed a piece for the Square One fundraiser under the direction of Ms. Stoddard in the art room.  Here is the link to the Square One order form. 

Have a nice weekend.