Dear Florence Roche Families,

Happy long weekend!  I hope you are all able to relax and enjoy the time off with family and friends.  Remember that Tuesday, 10/12 is a professional day and there is no school for students.  We look forward to seeing everyone rested and ready to get back to work on Wednesday. 

You may be wondering what our staff will be doing during this professional day.  We are fortunate to have Responsive Classroom trainers working with us this year to support our work in creating a school environment in which everyone feels accepted, that they belong, and that we have a strong sense of community.  Tuesday will be our second full day of Responsive Classroom training this year.  

The Responsive Classroom approach is founded on the belief that social learning is as important as academic learning.  We focus on these social connections at the start of each day through our Responsive Classroom structured morning meeting.  Classroom rules and expectations were developed collaboratively with the students and their teachers.  Routines are demonstrated through interactive modeling.  New materials are introduced using a guided discovery model, so that students can learn to use them responsibly.  All of these experiences are supported through the Responsive Classroom approach.  The professional day gives us time to learn new strategies, reflect on our work and plan for our students.

If you have a 4th grade student, you will receive their 3rd grade MCAS parent report next week.  They will be mailed from the district office on Tuesday, 10/12.

I hope you have a great long weekend.