Dear Florence Roche Families,

We are off to a great start as we complete our first week of school.  It takes time to get students and staff back into the rhythm of the school year, but I feel like we are making progress each day.  The additional time is certainly needed this year as students are being introduced or reintroduced to spaces in the building they haven’t accessed in more than a year.  The first 6 weeks of school and the many procedures and routines learned during this time will set us up for successful learning opportunities.  

Thank you for your support with our arrival and dismissal process.  We have been moving the cars along in the morning and avoiding a backup on Rt 119.  It helps when you remain in your cars and pull up as far forward as possible.  The parent pickup in the afternoon has been safe and orderly.  Thanks for your patience and flexibility with this process.

Students riding on a bus can only ride on their assigned bus.  We are not able to accommodate requests for play dates or other bus switches.  There are no bus passes accepted this year.

If you are changing your student’s pickup plan for a particular day, please send in a note for your teacher..  Any changes made during the school day will require a call to the office.  Please do not email your student’s teacher as they do not have time to check email when they are in classrooms with students. 

We completed our first COVID safety check this week.  More than 300 students and staff participated.  All of our test results were negative.  If you would like your student to participate in our weekly safety checks, please follow this link to provide your consent.  Parent Consent  You only need to complete the consent form once.

I hope you all enjoy the sun and clear skies this weekend.