Opening Day

We welcomed back an excited group of  learners to our school community this morning.  It was great to reconnect with returning students and to start building relationships with those new to Florence Roche.  These first weeks of school will focus on establishing routines and expectations while building community in classrooms and across our school.

We will also be looking at our operational routines in particular the arrival and pick up procedures.  Please remember not to arrive for parent drop off earlier than 8:40am.  Students will not be exiting vehicles until 8:45am.  The adults supervising will help your student exit the vehicle safely and keep the car line moving.  Remember to pull all the way forward, so we can move as many cars into the driveway.  Please do not get out of your vehicle.  You may park in the main lot and walk your student to the front entrance if you prefer.  We do not want to create a traffic back up on Route 119.

Thank you for your patience with this afternoon's parent pick up.  We will look carefully at this process over the next couple of days to determine if we need to make any adjustments.